About the Journal

Democratic Communique (DC) is published in spring and fall by Union for Democratic Communications (UDC). DC is a peer-reviewed journal dedicated to investigating mass media (print, film, electronic), information, and telecommunication phenomena and issues from radical political economy and policy studies perspectives. Potential topics may include, but are not limited to, alternative/community/public media, the internationalization of capital and information flows, media and imperialism, telecommunication industry ownership and consolidation, information society, information technology and surveillance, feminist political economy, environmental political economy, media's relatedness to social class, labor, or social movements, and analyses of cultural artifacts or practices which encompass ideational and material concerns. DC also considers visual artwork and book reviews of current titles (2004 or later) informed by or aligned with the above concerns. Please contact the editor for further information.

Mailing Address

Democratic Communiqué

Christine Quail, Editor

Department of Communication Studies & Multimedia

McMaster University

1280 Main St. West

Hamilton, ON L8S 4M2