Revision of the genus Biterolfa Schaus, 1928 (Mimallonoidea: Mimallonidae) with the descriptions of two new species

Ryan A. St Laurent, Alessandro Giusti, Daniel Herbin


The mimallonid genus Biterolfa Schaus, 1928 is revised. We describe and figure the female of the type species, B. althea (Schaus), for the first time. We recognize two new species, B. rana sp. n. found in the western Amazon and eastern slopes of the Andean mountains from Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, and northern Brazil, and B. tinalandia sp. n. from Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, and Ecuador (western slopes of the Andes). This revision increases the total number of known Biterolfa species from one to three.


Amazon rainforest, Andean Mountains, Neotropical, taxonomy

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